Current Studios

Specialities: Computer Vision, AR, VR, Apps

Web: currentstudios.ca

People: Nate Kroll (CEO), Steve Martell (CTO)

[MICHELLE] An anecdote from the recent Tribeca Film Festival Reactor project stood out to me. You had to dumb down the AI. [NATE] "It" was being too tough on people. We had four actors try and fail to get 50% in week one. It was tracking facial expressions and a bunch of other subtle factors. Turns out acting is really hard. [MICHELLE] And that's what got me. The code, the craft, is real. Nothing is faked here.
Current Studios are based in the picturesque city of Halifax, Nova Scotia and have a US-outpost in New York. They are internationally renowned Computer Vision experts, which means anything digital with a physical connection. A kiosk that judges your acting ability, recognition software that knows the difference between you and your cat and turns your tablet into a feline-only photo booth, a dance-floor that controls a light and firework show. Trust these guys to take you further than you thought possible.