The Electric Factory

Specialities: IoT & Prototyping, Web, Film & Motion

Web: theelectricfactory.us

People: Juan Ciapessoni (Founder & CCO), Marcelo Montes Deoca (EP)

[MICHELLE] The first office I walked into at the Montevideo office held a Producer, UX and Developer mapping an interactive & video experience around all four walls. [JUAN] Everyone's here in the same building, we encourage them to work together. Everyone is encouraged to be a maker. [MICHELLE] I like that, I wanted to jump in with them - it looked fun!
The Electric Factory is electric. They are creating the future of advertising based on needs, craft and possibility. They have the thinkers, the planners, the designers and the makers to create every part of your campaign, product or platform. Their UX, design and developers are thinking beyond the confines of a laptop screen to reach real users where they really are. They recently customer-built a 10,000-sq-ft IoT FabLab / incubator / education facility to further their capabilities and footprint. They are a LATAM power-house and have global scale in Europe and Asia, but know the best talent is home-grown in Uruguay.